Ladia — Dance Film, 2018

What is hidden behind all the hours of sweat and hard work required for an athlete woman to reach perfection? Abused by the constant struggle for flawlessness and external approval, Ladia denies herself as human, but the exhaustion and her human limits finally catch up to her. Ladia is a woman who dedicates all her effort to win the game, where the only game is to win over herself. The film features renowned and award-winning Russian dancer, Sandra Kramerova.


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Festivals & Awards —

Sarah Lawrence Dancefilm Festival

International Short Film Festival

San Francisco Dance Festival

National Festival of Cinema and Della Televisione di Benevento

Portland Dance Film Festival

Thessaloniki Cinedance International

Nantes Spanish Film Festival

40 NORTH Dance Film Festival

Lady Filmmakers Film Festival

Tlanchana Fest Digital Film and Art Festival