Writing The Step Outline


1. Roadmap

  • Outlines don't need to be funny for comedy stories. Or exciting to read for adventure. 

  • It's not supposed to read as great prose or literature.

  • Outlines need to show the structure of the story, and have the promise of maximum comedy, adventure, or drama. 

  • Promise that it will lead to an extraordinary script. 

  • The outline is a road map for your story. 

  • What you want is a carefully thought out, rising sequence of cause and effect events. 

Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 4.11.11 PM.png

2. Have a Main Page you can refer to while writing your Outline

  • Have this page ready before writing your outline.

  • It should consist of 3 columns.

First Column is a list of scenes you feel should definitely be in the movie. 


an escape scene

a scrubbing defecation from walls scene

a making love in the lobotomy room scene

Second Column is a list of characteristics that seem unique, dramatic, or funny


orderlies wear towels on their belts to gently choke out of control patients

      shock treatment

      a patient always scheming to escape 

Third Column lists pieces of dialogue that you want to be included in the script. 

*This page is immensely helpful and practical to serve your creativity. 

3. Don't be afraid to write quickly

  • It's important to write quickly because creativity comes from the unconscious. 

  • Our unconscious mind perceives truth without compromise. The more time you allow to go by, the more your conscious mind will edit, censor, doubt, and distort it.